The picturesafe team is proud to announce picturesafe-search 3.1.0!

This release marks the first public release in the development of picturesafe-search.

picturesafe-search is an open source Java framework that allows for ultra fast adoption of Elasticsearch queries capabilities to old and new java applications.

You can find out more about picturesafe-search at

We use semantic versioning for the development of picturesafe-search.

Using this release

With Apache Maven add this dependency to your pom.xml:


Or clone the GitHub repository and build the distribution yourself.

Have fun!

— The picturesafe-search team



  • Fixed inner filter is null for MustNotExpression
  • Fixed nested queries

New Feature

  • Added SingleIndexElasticsearchService
  • Added DocumentBuilder
  • Added docker-compose.yml and documentation


  • Updated InExpression.optimize() to split large arrays in batches
  • Refactored test index setup