The picturesafe team is proud to announce the release of picturesafe-search 3.5.0.

This release contains a lot of new features and improvements. The supported Elasticsearch version has been upgraded to 7.9.1.

picturesafe-search is an open source Java framework that allows for ultra fast adoption of Elasticsearch queries capabilities to old and new java applications.

You can find out more about picturesafe-search at

We use semantic versioning for the development of picturesafe-search.

Using this release

With Apache Maven add this dependency to your pom.xml:


Or clone the GitHub repository and build the distribution yourself.

Have fun!

— The picturesafe-search team



  • Fixed marshalling of StandardIndexPresetConfiguration

New Feature

  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 7.9.1
  • Added remove by query method to ElasticsearchService
  • Extended FieldConfiguration: additional Parameters can be set
  • Added boost method to some expressions
  • Added CollapseOption to SearchParameter
  • Added array mode to SortOption
  • Added ScriptSortOption
  • Added field name to ResultFacet


  • Extended support for elasticsearch type object, searching and sorting is now supported in the same way as for the nested type.
  • Removed some unnecessary filters from generated queries
  • Added dedicated logger elasticsearch-query for elasticsearch queries

Breaking changes

  • FieldConfiguration.nestedFields has been renamed to innerFields to support the elasticsearch type object.