Central Index Definition

Our approach starts with the central definition of indexes and fields.

This allows you to think about your data first

  • what entities/types do you have?
  • what information is needed for search, what do you want to find?
  • how does people search for your data?
  • what type of information is in your database-columns?
  • is normalization needed?
  • what about different languages?

As soon as you have a starting set of assumptions or requirements, you define your index and fields. In Elasticsearch this is named mapping definition. picturesafe-search helps you by a streamlined definition based approach, converting to mapping definitions under the hood.

With this information (in configuration or in the accelerator app) your index/indices can be created.

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…used by Data Ingest

When you ingest data, the given definitions will help Elasticsearch interpret the data in a defined way. This is especially helpful to force type integrity.

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… used by Query and Aggregations

Later, when you create queries, you can concentrate on the requirements - what to search and who to search. picturesafe-search will combine this with the knowledge provided by the index and field definitions to create effective and correct Elasticsearch queries.

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