picturesafe-search-enterprise is a commercial grade Java service wrapper for the search engine Elasticsearch.

This library is based on the picturesafe-search open source library. Besides professional support (during german business hours), the library adds more concepts, patterns and details.

The picturesafe-search-enterprise library can be used as a drop-in replacement of picturesafe-search by any Java program, and communicates directly with Elasticsearch.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact picturesafe sales per email at

Include Java library

Add the current version of the picturesafe-search-enterprise library to the classpath of your project.


If you use the spring configuration of picturesafe-search, an instance of EnterpriseElasticsearchService will be added to the spring application context automatically.


To use the advanced service of picturesafe-search-enterprise, you simply have to inject the EnterpriseElasticsearchService into your code.

public class MyClass {

    private EnterpriseElasticsearchService elasticsearchService;

Note: You do not need to inject ElasticsearchService as EnterpriseElasticsearchService extends it, so all of its methods are present too.